Top tech technology is a training and consulting organization that champions the cause of supply chain professionals in Pakistan. It strives to achieve its objectives by the following means

a) Bridging the gap between the worlds of industry and academia
b) Training them on the core supply chain skills & knowledge through short and medium term courses which will be taught through explanation of practical real world examples of the concepts in action
c) Providing them professional recognition of supply chain excellence through SCCDi’s own certifications which earned by the candidates by passing qualifying exams
d) Facilitating them to obtain international certifications through exam preparations
e) Operating as an employment exchange for certified professionals
f) Providing career counseling for mid career and young aspiring supply chain professionals
g) Arranging supply chain related short courses for corporate sector
h) Joining hands with international certifying bodies and thought leaders to offer high end courses to the industry
i) Providing supply chain consulting and head hunting services to the industry
j) Providing white paper writing and publishing services to corporate clients

Generate networking opportunities for supply chain professionals in general and SCCDi alumni in particular.

SCPrincipal Consultant

Mr. Yonus Ali Siddiqui is an M.Sc. in Bio Physics, MBA in marketing and Certified Supply Chain Manage (CSCM). A visionary supply chain executive with more than 22 years SCM & Logistics experience in FMCG, petrochemical and 3PL sectors. An innovator in designing and aligning supply chain strategies according to ever changing and challenging market conditions, he has worked on several greenfield logistics and cost cutting projects. He won the Corporate Excellence Award in Engro Polymer for logistics and also has the distinction of being the founder of Supply Chain Association of Pakistan (SCAP). Yonus has also served as a visiting faculty for Distribution & Logistics at IBA, Karachi and is a registered M trainer at PSTD and Learning Minds Group.

Day: Sunday
Course duration : 4 months



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